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By Marsha Hayles
Illus. by Hiroe Nakata
ISBN: 0-399-23871-9

That’s me writing in my pajamas when

I was a little girl...

....and now.

You can see that I have a star overhead,

fun family pictures close by,

a rhyming dictionary on one side,

a handy back scratcher on the other,

and my laptop in front of me.

I’m ready to write!

Thanks to librarian Jean Conover at the Helendale School in Irondequoit, NY, 
for coming up with this musical way to celebrate PAJAMAS ANYTIME.

Begin your Pajama Party--in school or at home--with this perfect read-aloud! Discover the fun of wearing pajamas every month of the year.

Image Copyright © Hiroe Nakata

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