What students say about the workshops…

“Ms. Hayles creativity is so inspiring, and the critique I got pulled out the writer in me!”

“I liked writing my poem. It just flowed through my head.”

“I liked writing on the Post It Notes. That helped me get organized.”

“I liked it because it helped me with poetry and taught me how to get ‘unstuck’ when writing.”

“I liked just writing and having a person who wrote a book actually looking at my writing.”

“I liked putting the poem together like a puzzle.”

“I liked that we weren’t just told to write a poem, but instead she coached us on how to write a poem.”

“I liked how we got to share our poems because it was really friendly.”

“It inspired me to write more poetry.”

“It’s poetry with pizzazz!”

Poetry Workshops

Marsha Hayles, a former junior high and high school English teacher, enjoys getting students to write and share their poems in her poetry workshops. She is willing to work with staff to design a workshop to suit your students’ needs. Her workshops are suitable for students Grades 3-8.

Capturing Animals in Words: A Poetry Writing Workshop

Marsha Hayles leads students through a lively poetry writing workshop. Using colorful Post-It Notes, students will create and share a poem to bring a favorite animal to life.

Postcard Poetry

With guidance by Marsha Hayles, students will create a postcard picture of a place important in their lives, then share their writing in a positive, collaborative atmosphere.

Workshop Guidelines:

45-55 minute sessions; maximum of four sessions per day; no more than 25 students per group; Grades 3-8; travel outside of the Rochester, NY, area requires reimbursement of travel expenses

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